Shaun Guard is our most local installer and lives in Wallingford. He knows the local reception conditions extremely well and is therefore happy to visit you to provide you with a free quote. Call 01491 833282 to arrange an appointment.

TV Reception Conditions in Wallingford

Signals for digital TV are generally good in the Wallingford area (Wallingford, Benson, Cholsey etc.). Most of the town and surrounding areas receive their signals from the Oxford (Beckley) transmitter. Without giving lots of confusing technical data about typical values of decibels achievable, it is probably helpful to say that a decent digital aerial installation will deliver good signals to a single TV and may even feed two TV’s from a good quality signal splitter. To feed any more points than that would probably require a distribution amplifier. If this is necessary, our digital aerial installers carry these items.

OXFORD AERIALS also provide a Sky dish installation service and satellite dish repair service.

We provide domestic and commercial tv aerial installation services. No job too big or small. Call 01865 400141 for a free quotation.

Television aerials, TV aerial installers in Wallingford

Local Television Reception Conditions

There are one or two patches with poorer television reception around Wallingford, mostly in Brightwell cum Sotwell which is blocked from the Oxford transmitter by the Wittenham Clumps. There are two possible solutions to this. One is to fix the aerial higher (on a taller mast) and the other is to turn the television aerial to point south to the Hannington (Newbury) transmitter. Often our aerial repair and upgrade work is to place aerials on taller masts. This transmitter is almost out of range so usually a ‘mast head amplifier’ is needed to increase the signals a little. This will typically add around £50 to the cost of an aerial job. Other patches in the area that may suffer similar poor television reception are West End in Cholsey, Winterbrook in Wallingford and an area near the pond in Ewelme. Other than this all areas are quite straight forward.

For those living in the bad reception areas, digital reception is available now via a dish installation from Freesat. We are also satellite TV installers and often now carry out a satellite installation instead of a television aerial.

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