Our most local installer lives in Didcot and has worked for us for over 10 years and is therefore very knowledgeable about the local reception conditions. He is happy to call out and visit you and provide a free quotation for any work you may need doing. Call to book an appointment on 01235 239622.

TV Reception Conditions in Didcot

The TV signals in Didcot itself are generally very good as the slight hill that most of the town sits on faces the right way to give a good line of sight over towards Oxford where the local transmitter is. Some parts of the Ladygrove estate are a little low lying and aerials need to be sited well clear of the roof line to get perfect reception. Many of our aerial repairs on Ladygrove involve re-siting loft aerials outside. The part of Fleet Meadow nearest the town has reception blocked by the gasometer and nearby trees. The remedy is often to point an aerial in the opposite direction towards theHannington transmitter. This is further away and so often requires a pre-amplifier to improve signal levels. Our digital aerial installers carry a full range of aerials and amplifiers so we can offer any of the possible solutions there and then if required. Part of Park road and that end of Queensway has a similar problems. The rest of the town is pretty good for reception.

OXFORD AERIALS also provide a Sky dish installation service and satellite dish repair service.

We provide domestic and commercial tv aerial installation services. No job too big or small. Call 01865 400141 for a free quotation.

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Local Television Reception Conditions

Most of the villages near to Didcot have equally good television aerial reception. Only Blewbury has generally bad conditions. Here the signals from the Oxford transmitter are often blocked by trees which lie to the north of the village and yet the alternative transmitter in Hannington (near Newbury) doesn’t work because of the village’s proximity to the Downs which block the signals. This is the sort of area where we often now use Freesat, as a satellite installation is often cheaper than a digital aerial installation. All of our aerial fitters are also satellite TV installers so can carry out a dish installation. The same conditions as Blewbury occur in some parts of Upton, Aston Tirrold and Aston Upthorpe for the same reason.

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