Our most local installer to you lives in Bicester. We work in Buckingham every few days and so it is no problem for us to visit you to do a survey and give you a free quote. Phone 01869 879111 or our main office on 01865 400141.

TV Reception Conditions in Buckingham

Buckingham is generally a poor TV reception area. The town is roughly mid-way between two regional TV transmitters, one in Oxford and the other on Sandy Heath near Bedford. The Sandy Heath transmitter delivers Anglia ITV and the Oxford transmitter delivers Central ITV. Most aerials in Buckingham point east to Sandy Heath. Our registered digital aerial installers always carry aerials suitable for both transmitters as it is not possible to tell which will give the best reception on any particular rooftop!

Buckingham is very hilly and TV reception varies dramatically between high and low lying areas. In low lying areas, digital reception would be difficult. In these marginal areas in Buckingham a digital aerial installation will often include a high gain aerial and a tall mast to achieve adequate reception. For this reason, TV aerial repairs can often be slightly more expensive in towns like Buckingham than in better reception areas.

In the low lying areas of the town, particularly the town centre wheredigital freeview is difficult, we now often carry out a satellite dish installation to either deliver Sky or the BBC / ITV Freesat service. Our aerial installers are also satellite TV installers and so can advise you as to which option is best and cheapest in your part of Buckingham and either carry out an aerial or dish installation for you there and then. There is very little cost difference between these two options.

OXFORD AERIALS also provide a Sky dish installation service and satellite dish repair service.

We provide domestic and commercial tv aerial and satellite installation services. No job is too big or small. Call 01869 879111 or 01865 400141 for a free quotation.

Television aerials, TV aerial installers in Buckingham

Local Television Reception Conditions

Outside of Buckingham, television signals generally improve as the ground is a little higher. Also as one moves south west towards Oxford or east towards Sandy Heath signals become much stronger as you get nearer to one of the regional transmitters. BBC / ITV Freesat always remains as an alternative. Oxford Aerials digital aerial and satellite installers can always carry out a free survey and advise on the best and most economical option.

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