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TV Reception Conditions in Lechlade

Lechlade is a long way from the most local transmitter. This is the Beckley transmitter in Oxford which is North East of Lechlade. The TV signals are quite good and workable but because the transmitter is quite a distance away, the signals are only just about strong enough. This means that our aerial installers are unlikely to install a loft aerial in Lechlade; most houses will have an outside TV aerial to maximise the received signal. Also for the same reason if the aerial needs to feed more than one TV, we would split the signal with an amplified splitter rather than a simple passive signal splitter. Splitting the signal in half, more than halves the signal. This effect of a weak signal is more pronounced on some channels than others. The BBC and ITV stations are broadcast at a higher level than the other channels and so it is the other channels which tend to fail first if the signal becomes too weak.

If you are unlucky and the signals from the Oxford transmitter are blocked then there are two other TV transmitters that can be received in the Lechade area. These are the ‘Hannington’ transmitter near Newbury and the ‘Mendip’ transmitter in the south West.

OXFORD AERIALS also provide a Sky dish installation service.

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Local TV Reception Conditions

In the villages around Lechlade the signals are pretty similar to those in the town. The ground is flat around Little Faringdon, Kelmscott and Clanfield. You will probably need an outside aerial but signals are workable in all areas.

In particularly bad reception areas where trees block the signals from all directions, it is now often more economical to use the Freesat service to get free digital broadcasts from a satellite installation which do not suffer the same tree interference. Our aerial installers are also trained satellite TV installers so can often offer a solution from a dish installation.

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